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Methods for Getting Your First Freelance Client and Job

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

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Just about all of us, at one time or another, play around with the idea of going into business for ourselves. This happens to people in all fields and professions. The need to be in charge of our own work days and regular lives is really powerful. Lots of people eventually jump into the world of entrepreneurship and decide to be freelancers. Going into freelance is definitely a good thing, especially after you’ve built up a loyal stable of clients. Of course that’s where things can get complex. Getting that first client to hire you is really difficult and intimidating. Keep reading to learn how to simplify the process for yourself.

Keep in touch with people in your offline world. This means keeping in contact with former coworkers and with friends, etc. After you’ve gone into business on your own, you’ll find the temptation to keep away from everyone quite strong. You stay away from anybody and anything that seems fun. You are going to want to focus just on your work. It is important, however, to stay in touch with your outside interests and people. You need to do this for reasons that aren’t just personal. It is also important to your business. You just have no way of knowing when someone you know off of the Internet and through your “normal” life is going to know somebody who can be helped by what you have to offer.

Both personally and professionally, you should use any ties that you have. Contact them and explain to them how you are getting started doing freelance work. Let them know how glad you’ll be if they recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. Tell them how pleased you would be if you remember them when thinking of a prospective hire. You’ll benefit if you u focus on connecting with the people you know.

Set off by working with the people you know will actually benefit from the services you have to offer or whose services balance those that you’ll be offering. This might not be a very big list when you get started but over time that list of contacts will grow.

Learn what you can about marketing yourself. Marketing can take on all sorts of forms and functions. There are classes you can take on it and books you can read about it. No matter what else you do, though, figure out some marketing methods that you know will work and then actually put them to work. Marketing can help you really spread the word about you and about your services. What is most important of all, however, is that marketing is the tool that will help you convince prospects that they desperately need to hire you because of what you have to offer. Spend at least part of your day on your marketing activities and endeavors. This is the best method for setting yourself up with a steady flow of of prospects. Freelancers must be ambitious and persistent when it comes to locating clients. Freelancers who begin with a large list of valuable contacts are in the minority. Fortunately, it’s possible to start from square one and build up a list of clients over time. The tips we’ve shared in this article will help you get started. You too can be a highly sought after freelancer!

May 28

Why It Is Far Better To Write For A Targeted Audience Than For Search Engine Optimisation Bots

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

By: seo hacker philippines

The mysteriousness of SEO hasn’t gotten significantly better and SEO has been in existence for years! There are a lot of people who really understand it and they utilize it to build their business’s achievement levels. It should not surprise you that people today approach SEO from a number of angles. Writing information for sites to rank in search engines is certainly one such area. Some think that it is best to write search engine optimization articles with the search bots in mind. These days that approach should have proven unfavorable, but lots of people still use it.

What Google has actually been saying for so long, and has proven in their latest algorithm change, is to write articles and other content for the users. People go to your site hoping to discover useful information and facts. What they don’t want are articles or fragments of content that obviously pander to the search engines like yahoo (SEO articles). This difference in approach often involves an absence of proper information and a alteration of perspective. If you write for a precise audience, you will see some great things occur, like having higher rankings.

Remember that Google is watching the amount of time visitors remain on your site. That metric is called, bounce rate, and it informs Google a lot about your website. If visitors are only on the site for a moment and then leave, Google will determine that your site isn’t relevant or highly targeted for that keyword. This is not excellent news for you. Conversely, if men and women are spending plenty of time on your site then you will be rated favorably for SEO by Google. It is going to all tie together eventually.

It is essential to be able to write well for the website visitors to your site and to give them what they are looking for; to do that properly you should do good market research. The best way to do that well is to understand all you can about your audience and market and then give them what they need. It is simpler to figure out the needs of your audience when you have good demographics. If you take some time to visit forums that your market spends time in, you can get a nice handle on their problems. Then, you will be in a perfect position to write about their cares as well as their problems.

That level of in-depth content writing will also give your content something extremely effective. Your content will probably be relevant–something else Google can figure out through the use of a simple algorithm. Google’s spiders can read your content and obtain importance from it. The best way to have that quality of writing is to be up to date about your topic. Add that to the bounce rate and Google can easily tell for sure if your site content actually is relevant.

May 28

SEO Tips for Fast and Furious Results

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

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Search engine optimization tends to be the most difficult of concepts for new Internet marketers to master. The search engines are always changing the rules which makes it a hard concept to get a firm grasp on. The search engines change their algorithms, website coding rules change-the Internet is always moving and shifting. To some degree marketers feel as though they must constantly learn new methods for SEO. While there are many things that are constantly changing for businesses operating online there are also some that has never changed when it comes to SEO. If you want your efforts at SEO to be successful you must master these first.

Filling your content up with as many keywords as possible is quite tempting when you are first starting out. This is not an approach you want to use. This is a strategy that the search engines find highly irritating and will only lead to your site being de-indexed. Most large search engines prefer content to contain a maximum of two percent keywords. You will be able to find tools that can tell you what your ratio is, helping you stay within the approved range. In terms of SEO and keywords, the old saying of less is more is really true. Links are very important. You know this all too well. Links are what helps to tell all of the major search engines how popular you are. No matter how many fancy algorithms the search engines come up with, they continue to rely heavily on links as a “tool of choice” for determining page rank. A lot of marketers resort to buying links in bulk from various link building sites. Do not fall into this trap. Many sites that have done this in the past have been black listed by major search engines. Building relationships with other site owners is the best method for building links by far.

You need to remember to register your site with the search engines. You can “force” search engine spiders to investigate your site by getting an inbound link from a popular site. This approach is much quicker than filling out the standard form and submitting it. Still, those official submission forms exist for a reason and shouldn’t be ignored. Why not work on gaining links and do your submissions at the same time? With this strategy, the search engine spiders are sure to check your site out sooner or later. It’s a win-win situation. What’s more important is that by using the official forms as well, you’ll be seen as a business and not just another site hankering for attention.

Your SEO doesn’t have to be all that hard to do. It’s not at all difficult as long as you are consistent in your efforts. Most of the things you do as an Internet marketer will work this way too. You should always work to learn new things and build your business. Hard work and constant education are the real secrets to success in Internet marketing. Apply these tips and see how quickly your business launches to the next level.

May 28

How to Maximize Your Rankings With SEO Copywriting

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

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It’s amazing how most people aren’t familiar with the term SEO copywriting; even though it’s one of the most widely used marketing tools today. SEO Copywriting is used by online businesses and individuals all over the world to create content designed for search engines as well as human readers looking for unique content. This art form entails writing convincing and creative copy for a website that serves many different purposes. The first step in SEO copywriting is creating copy that includes the appropriate keywords within your given niche. You can get these keywords from many places; from content relating to the website’s name you’re writing the copy for to content you think people may be searching for. The formula for SEO copywriting success involves using the right keywords in all the right places. If you want the simple formula for success with SEO copywriting, it’s using all the right keywords in all the right places. Ranking higher by Google and the other search engines requires that you get good at this practice.

Internal and external hyperlinks are one of the most ignored elements of SEO copywriting. Internal hyperlinks are links to other pages within your site that pertain to what you’re writing about. This will not only help the reader in the navigation but will also increase the time they spend on your site. You’ll obviously be giving a green signal to the search engines, as they really love properly executed internal linking. Also, don’t ignore the ALT tags. When it comes to external links, links that point to an external source, they can help you in two different ways. The first way they help is by validating you from a third party, and the second is that they give you the opportunity to link with that resource’s affiliate program or you can opt for reciprocal linking. It doesn’t matter if you use internal or external links, as long as they are in sync with the content on your site, the search engines will always reward you. The text on your homepage should be enough to get the best results with most search engines. Besides your homepage, the important sections of your site should also be descriptive with a good deal of text. Search engines ideally require 400-500 words of relevant text on a web page so they can figure the keyword relevance. In the beginning of the page, have text containing all the main keywords, since some of the search engines won’t really go too far on your page. For that reason, you’ll want to give them your keywords in the initial text itself.

Google likes when the tags in the

May 28

The Best Choice for Traffic Involves whitehat SEO

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

By: seo training in philippines

Getting your site highly ranked within the search engines isn’t as hard as most people think it is. For most, search engine optimization is a true mystery and getting a good rank seems as complicated as rocket science. This is why so many will choose shortcuts that they think will help them get highly ranked within the search engines quickly. They end up trying to employ blackhat SEO methods–methods that are designed to unethically trick the search engines. Even though there are legitimate whitehat methods to help you get the results that you want, they are still not being used. In this article we are going to talk about some of the whitehat SEO techniques you can use to help you get the rankings you want.

If you want to focus on whitehat SEO you need to make sure that your site does not contain any duplicate content. The content on your site is one of the biggest tools you can use to convince the search engines that you are an ethical site owner. It’s important that the content on your website is as original and as unique as you can make it. Even if you are just publishing a basic 500 word article, make sure you keep it unique. Give value to your readers and make sure the content is good enough. It may cost you some extra time to produce this kind of content or you might have to spend some money to outsource its creation. In the end, everything is going to be worth it. You’ll be able to attract the search engine spiders regular.

When you go after backlinks do not let any of them come from paid sites. If you take in links from non-paid sites you’ll get much better results. Search engines do not take kindly to paid links. Focus on backlinking methods that are straightforward and ethical. Though, compared to blackhat techniques, you will probably find that naturally gaining backlinks can take quite a lot more time. You are going to see far better lasting results if you choose this approach.

We all know the importance of getting relevant backlinks from other sites. Another aspect of what you need to do on your site consists of the internal or on-site linking. This is really very easy to do once you have an idea about it, and this will be taught in the better SEO ebooks. If your site already exists and you have never done this for it, then this is something you will need to take a strong look at.

It is worth your time to do all you can to rank in the SERPS if you accept the SEO challenge. Just one reason why whitehat is smarter than the other way is you will not be constantly looking over your shoulder. The tips that we discussed in the above article are not too high tech, but remember you have to commit to them and not deviate. SEO is a curious thing, and it has quirks and drawbacks, so just be sure about what you want to do. You can always find little tricks and various methods that can help you out, so be on the lookout for it.

May 28

Capture Page One Search Engine Traffic – Stupidly Simple SEO

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

By: seo specialist in the philippines

A new course, created by affiliate marketer Phil Henderson, is launching – Stupidly Simple SEO. His course helps struggling marketers reach the top 10 search results using only single page minisites. Even with little content or backlinks, it will be possible to beat out stronger websites and dominate the first page. His amazing strategies can land you into the top three positions. Just imagine if you could create a minisite and have it in the top 10 in less than a single hour. You can do the same as Phil. Take a brand spanking new site and put it on page one in less than 60 minutes. The whole system was designed keeping in mind that anyone; almost anyone would be able to get high rankings fast. And you won’t need anything special in the way of skills to do this. Let’s discuss how to do this for yourself.

Stupidly Simple SEO will show you what you need to know about search traffic, and it’ll be a flow of easily understood information. This SEO knowledge is cutting edge in freshness, like how to get impressive positions in hours. You’ll be shown how to choose the best niche markets, and your frustrations with keyword research will end. It also explains how you can promote products that people actually want to buy and do this through simple to create one page money sites. And above all, you get to learn how to create a traffic tsunami from the search engines in less than 30 minutes. The step by step formula that you get from Phil gives you a rock solid plan to get your niche sites ranked on the first page of Google in record time. This system is darn near copy/paste. So it could be tough to go wrong if you follow it. You’ll be using 100% white hat tactics. You won’t find any unethical techniques or methods being taught by Phil. Who knows how many marketers have decided to fall for black hat SEO techniques and ended up getting banned.

Phil Henderson is the kind of teacher whose methods are easy to understand. He does not give you a few basic ideas and leave you to put it all together yourself; he gives you a total system. Phil’s course is the kind of all-inclusive system that you need to master SEO and get those top rankings you want.

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, use search engine traffic, then Stupidly Simple SEO may just be for you. There’s nothing to lose – only gains.

May 28

The Best Ways to Increase the Performance of Your Title Tags

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

By: seo seminar philippines

You probably don’t think that those little title tags at the top of your website pages matter very much but the truth is that they really really do.

They will (hopefully) not make or break the bottom line for your business but they’re very important to a bunch of other parts of your SEO. Social media treats title tags differently but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to do anything that differently with them that goes against the established practices.

It is good that you are hoping to brand your business’s name and you have lots of options available when you want to do this. But that doesn’t mean that your page’s title is the best place to put that name.

Web searchers will find your site or page just fine if you choose keywords that area actually relevant. The name of your business isn’t important, unless it is already a household name, nobody is going to guess it right out of the gate. In other words, it’s not the strongest contender for search phrases that will get typed into the Google search box. So avoid being so in love with it that you just must use it in the title tag. The SEO score your site earns will be much higher if you optimize it with known keyword phrases.

If you are working with the title tags and to compose something that is relevant and meaningful, you need to keep the length of that thing in mind. You want to keep it no more than roughly seventy characters. In fact, it’s in your best interest to simply aim at the upper limit but not allow yourself to go past it because going past it is just a huge waste of time. You want to make sure your information is displayed correctly so that your readers can have a chance to truly connect with it. Search engines will simply truncate anything that goes past that upper limit cut off. This means that web surfers and others simply won’t get to see it so it holds no value. Plus… you do not want to make a long list of phrases and hope to try to catch them all. All pages are extremely optimized for the biggest and most important phrase as well as a few secondary phrases (and some others that you won’t ever be able to correctly guess).

You may find it very easy to avoid on page factor mistakes, if you have the right knowledge, 100% of the time. When you don’t know something, you have no way of correcting mistakes that you make. That is how newbies operate with SEO. We are leading up to this point – never place “Home Page” in the title tag. This is something you should never do. You will not see this kind of blunder on the first page because they know what they’re doing. If you do happen to see it, this means that people do not know what they are doing. Unless you are optimizing for the phrase Home Page, it is unlikely that you will ever see it there. You should not do this. It is something you want to avoid doing. It is possible to benefit from SEO when trying to rank in the search engines, but there are other ways to do this as well. Doing site building and marketing can be done in a variety of ways including article syndication and content marketing, two things that worked very well in regard to getting traffic.

May 28

Learn to Get Better Rankings with SEO Copy Writing

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

By: seo specialist in philippines

Have you searched online for facts about a topic? Any topic? Did you use a search engine? If you have, then you know first-hand the way that effective SEO copywriting sets itself apart from SEO copywriting that isn’t very efficacious. The Internet is largely made of content, and when you visit a website through the search engines, the first thing you see is if their content is professional enough. No one wants to waste their time by visiting a site that is misleading and cannot give you the information that you are looking for. Many times the website has the information on your topic but it is poorly written with the facts out of place. The last thing you want is to have your website visitors feel down or disappointed when they visit it. For this specific reason it’s important to have the articles on your website optimized for targeted keywords that are carefully weaved into high quality content. This article will review the basics of good SEO copywriting and how you can use it to your best advantage.

First of all, when you’re optimizing your web page for the search engines, you need to ensure that your targeted key phrase is mentioned in the title, description and in the tags. Some marketers insist that you need your primary keyword in the domain name of the website too, but many sites get high page rankings even without this. In the long run, the most crucial placement for your keywords is in the content; this is where search engines look for ranking your site. Don’t over-complicate matters by trying to cram your website content full of too many keywords. Don’t have more than 3 primary keywords and keep the keyword density between 3-5%. It’s a lot of work to get the attention of the various search engines, you need some marketing groundwork in place first. To optimize your content, you really should have your key phrases and words established prior to beginning your copy because this is vital in shaping your content.

In order to see to it that everything works out great, you will have to work with a search engine optimization expert. Confidence that Google and the various search engines can find the keyword tags effectively is a critical element of the entire endeavor. The role of keyword tags is to attract the attention of search engines, which are responsible for determining how professional and relevant a website is. The copywriting aspect of this process does not have a whole lot to do with optimizer since they are only responsible for taking care of the technical elements.

The reason it is crucial to stay up to date with Search Engine Optimization is that it is a relatively new and still booming industry segment, often morphing and regularly updating. The ability to adapt to SEO changes and write convincing copy that converts well is the core of being a good SEO copywriter.

Good content should be interesting, informative, and understandable for the majority of the people. Larger revenue from a higher volume of qualified visitors is the benefit to your website when you utilize quality SEO copywriting because you will rank in top search engine positions. It doesn’t matter how visually stunning your website or blog is; if it lacks useful, easy-to-understand copy, your search engine rankings will tank and the ultimate outcome won’t be positive.

May 28

What You Need To Know About Outsourcing Your Web Business Jobs

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

By: seo tutorial philippines

Years ago the idea of outsourcing a variety of mundane business tasks stormed the IM world with a bit of excitement. It’s popular since it frees up the business person’s time for other activities. You will find differing approaches to what exactly is outsourced as this is often a matter of individualized preference. But the basic idea is to steer clear of doing repetitive tasks that you do not really need to be doing. If someone else assumes those things, you will be able to spend your time on the income generating part of your business. It is important to note that there are several mistakes to be made when you’re new to outsourcing. So, we’ll demonstrate a few things you can do to help with making the process easier on yourself.

You’ll see that there are lots of different understanding levels and personalities in people who accept outsourcing work. You need to screen as much as you are able to do to find the people who work well on their own without needing to be babied through every little step. If you are investing tons of time instructing and helping out your outsourcers you might as well take on the job yourself.

Whenever you find someone who is just so exceptional in every way, then be ready to go the extra mile to keep that person on your payroll. We take the contrary approach with the people who don’t perform well or who are problematic. If it’s justified, it is okay to fire a person when they don’t work. It is sensible that you want to pay your top performers more than those who are merely typical.

Before you begin a complicated or involved project make sure you conduct some intense planning. List out anything that will be made easier by being listed. That assists to keep everything specific. Also, you wish to have a crystal clear guide or blueprint on your own. Keep all of the duties that have to be done as easy and straightforward as you can. Put together clear documents for your employees so that they have as much guidance as possible. Be sure that everyone is on the exact same page about what must be accomplished each day before you hire anybody.

It is important to necessitate status updates when you have sizeable projects that have large deadlines. Making certain that your targets are clear is very important. Make sure to create reminders for yourself within your laptop or computer about these status update deadlines as well. Don’t just rely upon the sticky notes you generally fix to your lcd screen and desk’s top. It is just as important to be professional with yourself as you might be with other people.

Believe it or not, sometimes you may talk about most matters simply. This is where you need to be positive that you know exactly you want from the people you’ve hired to do the job for you. They need to know what you require. You’ll find that in the beginning your communication skills could be tested, and those skills play an important role in the success of your staff.

May 18

How to Compete with Other Online Advertising Firms on the Web

By Lisa Kory | Outsourcing

SEO CompetitionEveryone is making money online. And it is not secret anymore that the Web is a crowded place to advertise. This makes advertising difficult on the Web. Most online advertising firms have online advertising agents—SEO Resellers—to support their promotion. But it’s not late yet. Every day, Google is deindexing websites that fall short to their requirement. Every day, at least one website is ranked from its yesterday’s rankings.

The first thing you should do is to doll up your website. Make it seo philippines-friendly. Or Panda-friendly. Or if you have been following Panda’s rules for months, then you might recheck some of your sites faulty spot and have them altered. Do some measures to prevent your site from being deindexed. Remove all the monetization, that is, the Adsense and affiliate links. Kill all the dead and nonexistent links.

Doll up your content writing as well. Write regularly. They say a thousand words a post is good, but it is your devotion to putting contents in your site that matters. One expert says its fine writing 450 words per post, and it is fine. But be sure to make it a regular habit.

Google favors blogs and sites with fresher contents; if three times a week is doable, and then do it. Writing daily is much better. But don’t overpopulate your contents with keywords. Post titles should not be spammy, or longtail phrases straight out of Google Keyword tool. It should be catchy and should not be deceiving; the post body should be related to the headline.

Make your website appealing and beautiful. Being SEO-friendly is not an excuse to be ugly. Remember that every website owner’s (especially online business owners) goal is to attract visitors to his page. However, you do not have to over-do it. The basic rule in creating a beautiful website is the proper use of whitespace, of color contrast and typefaces. If you have talent in taking pictures, you can add some photos on your blog.

Just don’t link your pictures to another website or a nonexistent page. If hiring a Web designer is possible, and then do it.
Of course, you need to optimize your site. Since competition is stricter among online advertising firms, you have to be on top of the SERPs. Additionally, you have to walk the talk. If you want to optimize people’s websites, you have to show them that you can optimize your website too. Manage your online reputation too.

You don’t want your efforts to be harmed just because of a bad comment from the general public. This means you have to manage a social media reputation too. Regularly check you blog, Facebook, and Twitter comments.